“I started playing ball on a hoop nailed to a gum tree at my primary school in Sydney’s West near the Blue Mountains, where I was born and raised. I remember long summer days on driveways playing ball with friends– and playing my older brother who forever retired from the sport at the age of 13 with the title of family champion – much to my chagrin. I loved collecting Charlotte Hornets cards – something about purple and teal pin stripes maybe – or the endless hustle of the 5”3’ Muggsy Bogues and dynamic duo of Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson – I think that was the last time they were any good though” (Editor’s note: 2021 is looking alright so far!)

“I played league ball through primary and high school, a little less in uni, and then very sporadic for a number of years while I travelled and lived overseas. On return to Sydney, ball was a great way to socialise and make new friends – through some Sunday arvo league play, and some pick up mainly at the Camperdown courts on Australia Street. 12 years on, we all now have kids that come watch their old men drag their dad bods up and down the court against much younger competition (we still get some wins though).”

“Four years or so ago, I came across an early morning pick up run at Sydney uni – and it has become a weekly ritual that I miss any time I can’t make the 6:30am ‘shoot for ball’ call time. Playing basketball is often a state of flow act – where you drop out of conscious thought and fall into pure instinct, completely forgetting about whatever else may be going on in your life. Working as a team to get a comeback win, making that extra pass, lock down defensive plays – they’re all things that help create great little memory bites to help you get through whatever your week throws at you.”

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